Got Your Appliance Unit Damaged? Head Now To Our Range and Oven Repair Shop!

One of the essential factors of a comfortable home environment is the presence of your appliances such as microwaves, washing machines, refrigerators, etc. These appliances not only ensure comfort, but also gives convenience to homeowners like you. That is why it can be such a nuisance when one of them breaks down. Some of the parts of the appliance become faulty and lead to malfunction. Circumstances like these can be stressful. Fortunately, Rapid Response Appliance Service Staten Island is an appliance repair shop which specializes in washer repair and oven repair in the area of Staten Island, NY. Not only that but we’ve also extended our repair services in fixing microwaves, ranges, and many more. Take a look down below on some of the services we offer.

Dryer Repair

Overloading your dryer with clothes can cause it to breakdown. This reduces the airflow inside leading to dryer fires. Here are some of the signs you’ll notice your dryer is on the verge of a breakdown. First, it might take a longer time for your clothes to dry. Second, a burning smell leaks out from your machine. If this happens, let our repairmen inspect it for you. They can create necessary repairs to the damage of your dryer.

Dryer Repair Service

Dryer Repair Service

Microwave Repair

Is your microwave fall short in heating up your food? There may be a damage on its parts. Have it checked here in our shop. We have the equipment that can help detect the root cause of the damage.

Range Repair

Your gas range is very important in cooking your daily food. Therefore, you should have it repaired here in our shop when it gets damaged. We have professional repairmen who can get the repair job in no time.

Dishwasher Repair

Has your dishwasher stopped working in cleaning your plates? We can happily remedy your problem. Once we’ll find out some of the body parts of your dishwasher is not working, we can replace that part so that your dishwasher will be a good as new.

If you want to save money from buying a new appliance, directly head to Rapid Response Appliance Service Staten Island’s repair shop in Staten Island, NY. We can do the repair for you! Just contact us at (718) 571-8913. For your information, our services, such as oven and refrigerator service repair, are available in the area of Bulls Head,NY;Heartland Village,NY;Great Kills,NY; Clark, NY; Metuchen, NY;.