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Whether you are having trouble with your dishwasher or you require a professional refrigerator repair service, turn to our company in Staten Island, NY. We have the experience and commitment to excellence to expertly service any domestic unit you have in mind and invite you to browse our website to find out more about Rapid Response Appliance Service Staten Island.

Appliance Repair Service

Our services  

We offer an ideal appliance repair service based on quality work at cost-friendly rates. Apart from your refrigerators and dishwashers, our technicians can also service your microwave, oven, range, dryer, and washer. Learn more on our services page.

The reason why you should consider contacting us when you are in need of a professional appliance repair service is that we handle domestic units of all brands and makes. With more than 2 decades of professional experience, we guarantee long-lasting results at affordable rates. Also, we are known for our flexible schedule, so feel free to request our services at the time most convenient for you.

Our methods  

Whether it’s a washer and dryer repair or troubleshooting your oven, our highly trained and qualified appliance technicians have devised an effective work-tailored approach, including:

  1. Appointments to fit any schedule
  2. On-site unit inspections
  3. Further assessments with our clients
  4. Honest and upfront estimates

Furnished with industry-leading appliance repair tools and equipment, we will easily service your malfunctioning units, and effectively restore their performance level to 100%. We guarantee optimal results in no time.

One Of Our Specialties is Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers are among the modern household appliances that make life easier for us which is important, particularly in this fast-paced world. Timely maintenance and repair of this appliance is an excellent way of ensuring that it keeps functioning optimally which will, in turn, provide you with the benefit of its convenience for years to come. If you need a dishwasher repair service and looking for a trustworthy technician who operates in Staten Island, NY, then you’re in the right place! Give us a call now! We will provide you with solutions that are both efficient and affordable because our goal is your satisfaction & peace of mind.

We Fix Dryers Masterfully

Dryers have definitely become one of the handiest and time-saving appliances we use in our daily lives. Who has time to wait for clothes to dry, especially when it is really humid outside, when you can just have your dryer do the trick in a matter of minutes? Dryers often surprise us with glitches and issues, some of which are motor problems, heating coils failure, and timer glitches. We can fix all of them in a timely and cost-efficient manner with our dryer repair service!

Your Refrigerators Are Safe with Us

Refrigerators are a must-have appliance in today’s world. There are many different types, such as french door refrigerators, side by side refrigerators, chest freezers, top freezer refrigerators, bottom freezer refrigerators, you name it. As different as they may sound, they still encounter pretty much the same problems. Problems such as motor problems, thermostat issues, and ice dispenser failure, all fall into our category of expertise. Those are all problems Rapid Response Appliance Service Staten Island‘s refrigerator repair service team can handle and fix masterfully!

We Provide Oven Repairs As Well

There is a lot that can go wrong with your oven, such as temperature inconsistency, burner element problems, oven lights not working, rust starting to appear, and so much more. When your oven starts giving you trouble, our appliance repair service will be right there to save the day and have your valued oven back in order. We can do everything from small repairs to more comprehensive part replacements.


With over 25 years of experience, our appliance technicians have turned our locally unknown business in Staten Island, NY to a premier choice in even the surrounding locations. Not just because of our friendly attitude and excellent customer service, but because of the professionalism we demonstrate along with the details, both large and small, that we focus on. Complementary to all of this, we offer affordable rates, be it for a microwave or dishwasher repair service, and guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

Contact our company in Staten Island, NY to benefit from our oven, washer, or dryer repair service. Learn more about the other types of home appliances the expert technicians at Rapid Response Appliance Service Staten Island can service, as well. We look forward to hearing from you. Give us a call today!


They Are Amazing!

They know their appliances and will not waste your time or money with needless washer and dryer repair services. They are smart, friendly, and trustworthy. Thank you so much, guys! You are my go-to technician. 

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